Urban Bike Park Project: Talking Points

PTAG NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT to ask the City of Pittsburgh to incorporate a BIKE PARK into the City's first Comprehensive Plan (PlanPGH). PTAG wants to partner with city government to install a bike park in Pittsburgh.

WHAT IS A BIKE PARK? A park dedicated to biking! Many cities have bike parks with different offerings such as XC runs, dirt jumps, freeride areas, cyclocross tracks, pump tracks, bike polo fields and kids' areas. Some examples are:

Highbridge Park, New York City

I-5 Collonade, Seattle, WA

Valmont Park, Boulder, CO

HOW YOU CAN HELP: The Pittsburgh City Planning Department is holding community meetings to listen to citizens about their wants and needs for parks in the future. The outcome of these meetings will create the City’s vision for it's open spaces, parks and recreation areas, so please get involved and help make Pittsburgh an even better place to live, work, play, and thrive!”

We need people to attend these meetings and make our voices heard. Contact PTAG if you want to participate. We will provide the information you need to help make our message strong and consistent.

Email board@ptagtrails.com to let us know you are coming.


Upper East End: Monday, April 25 (6-8 PM) Boys & Girls Club of Western PA
4600 Butler Street (Lawrenceville)

South / West: Wednesday, April 27 (6-8 PM) Mount Washington Senior Center
122 Virginia Avenue (Mt. Washington)

Lower East End: Thursday, April 28 (6-8 PM) Greenfield Senior Center
745 Greenfield Avenue (Greenfield)

South Hills: Tuesday, May 3 (6:30-8:30 PM) Seton Center
1900 Pioneer Avenue (Brookline)

Northside: Wednesday, May 4 (6-8 PM) Pittsburgh King Pre K- 8 School
50 Montgomery Street (Allegheny Center)

If you are going to one of the City meetings to voice support for a city Bike Park, here are some points for you to make:

1.    You would like to see an area in the city made into a dedicated bike park.

2.    You would use this park regularly and volunteer to help take care of it.

3.    You think it would be good for the city because:

          it would be a place for kids and adults to play

          it could be used to rehab a problem area in the city

          list other reasons that you think it would be good

4. The bike park should be:

          easily accessible by trail or city bus

          list other things you think the bike park should be

5. The bike park should contain the following features:

          pump track

          cyclocross area

          crosscountry trails

          kids area

          skills area

          list other features you would like

The city wants to know what people want in a bike park and then they will look for land to accommodate the features, so make sure you voice what features you would use in a bike park.

Be a part of the future--help PTAG partner with the City to design and install a bike park for Pittsburgh.


PTAG Board of Directors: Dave Biber, Nancy Trun, Maurice Tierney, Peter Greniger, Jamie Pfaeffle, Elise Gatti