PTAG News from 2011

Tire removal from Boyce park Saturday Nov 12, 2011

27 Monster truck tires and 5 car tires were removed from a pristine stream inside the wave pool area at Boyce park. This was the third and final phase of this project. A huge thanks go to two new groups who came out. The Allegheny Clean ways sent Dave L., J.C. B. and Executive Director Myrna N. and the Gateway High School Mountain Bike club sent Matt and Alex B.

New Bridge At Boyce Park

Special thanks to Kevin Dolinar, Jim Kapp, Fred Bashor, Cyndee and Barry Jeffries and PTAG for the hard work and efforts.

PTAG Awarded 2011 REI Grant

PTAG was recently awarded a 2011 REI grant to hire a volunteer coordinator. Thanks for your generous support REI! With the help of former board member Mike Connor and current board member Peter Greninger, I have written and had funded 6 grants for PTAG. It is time for me to move on to new challenges and, as such, I have resigned from the PTAG Board of Directors. Happy Trails. Nancy

Bavington/ Hillman Vegetation Clearing

There will be a small group of volunteers clearing vegetation from the trails at 5:30 tonight, June 6.  We will be meeting at the intersection of Haul and Kramer Rds.  We will be making several more trips toward this purpose in the coming days and weeks.  If you are interested in helping at any time please contact me.  My cell is listed on the Bavington/ Hillman park page

Boyce Park Recap

With a big agenda set for the day, I started setting up at the grove, sign-in sheets, and waivers on the table with some low cal donuts and 5 gallons of ice water

Boyce Workday: Sun, June 5

Come join us on Sunday June 5th, 9:00 am at the New Dimension grove, located between the tennis and basketball courts near the Silver Beaver off of New Texas Rd. Bring work gloves, work shoes and your MTB if you want to ride after the work. Tools are provided and we will break up into small groups to complete work on a few sections of trail.

Attention New Website Users

In order to prevent spammers, if you would like an account on the PTAG site you must use legitimate information. We review each account one by one, so if any of your info appears dubious your application to the site will be denied. Thanks for your cooperation!

Boyce Park

Due to the very wet April, many of the trails need some time to dry out,  the lower creek trail should be avoided, also be carefull as the high winds have taken a few trees down.  

Urban Bike Park Project: Talking Points

PTAG NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT to ask the City of Pittsburgh to incorporate a BIKE PARK into the City's first Comprehensive Plan (PlanPGH). PTAG wants to partner with city government to install a bike park in Pittsburgh.

March PTAG Board Meeting 3/1

This month's PTAG board meeting is on March 1 . Please see the About section for more information about board meetings.