Bellevue Memorial Park - Earth Day Workday

Sunday, April 21, 2013 - 10:00 - 16:00
Bellevue Memorial Park

Come out and join the Pittsburgh Trails Advocacy Group on the day before Earth Day 2013. We are back at it at the park! This time we'll have the help of a mechanized builder. However we still need folks to bench cut some of the areas that are too steep for the machine. Also, we will need folks to clean and finish the trail segments that the machine has cut.

Whether you have one hour or four hours to spare, we can use your help. We will be working mainly behind/below the tennis court area, so after you park, just look/listen for the machine and folks using hand tools in that area.

We recommend wearing sturdy boots, long pants and long sleeve shirts. Also, please carry a water bottle and spray some deet on your pants. Eye protection is encouraged.

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For information pertaining to type of work or specific park work location, please contact the PTAG Steward for Bellevue Memorial Park "David Biber" as follows:

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