Emerald View Park/Mt Washington

Quick Facts 
  • Located atop Mount Washington, City of Pittsburgh
  • 257 acres
  • New regional park offering spectacular views of Downtown Pittsburgh and the Three Rivers
  • Includes Grandview Park, Olympia Park and Mt. Washington Park
  • Managed by the Mt. Washington Community Development Corporation (MWCDC) and CitiParks
PTAG Park Steward(s) 
Michael Stumpf
412 381 0212 ext 110

The Mt Washington Community Development Corporation (MWCDC) has an ambitious trail plan that will include many and diverse trails around Mt. Washington. Part of the plan includes about 6 miles of multi-purpose woodland trails - in mountain bike language that means single track!  

There is a proposed trail layout, but it is not like the 10 commandments - we could enter into dialogue with the MWCDC about the layout.  I have already heard a number of people talk about wanting a free-ride trail that would use the incline for returning to the top.  

See MWCDC web site below for the proposed trail layout. The first of the the trails PTAG will be working on will start late September/early October, 2011.  

If you are interested in helping develop these trails please contact me using the contact form above.

Fr. Michael Stumpf, PTAG Steward


Formerly the Grandview Scenic Byway Park, the Emerald View Park was renamed in 2010 by Pittsburgh City Council after a community consultation process. Surrounding Mt. Washington, Emerald View is a collection of existing parks--Grandview Park, Olympia Park and Mt. Washington Park--and green hillside land that offer incredible views of Downtown Pittsburgh, the Three Rivers and surrounding green hillsides to the southwest. This new regional park is intended to symbolize Pittsburgh's rebirth as a green city-region. The park was conceived by the Mt. Washington Community Develpoment Corporation (MWCDC) and is managed by the MWCDC and CitiParks.

A comprehensive trail plan has been developed for Emerald View. Once completed, it will offer hikers and riders a wilderness experience within the City of Pittsburgh. Trails are currently being developed by the MWCDC with the help of groups like PTAG.